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GRANNY'S DEN RESORT: Nestled on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Dehradun is a very special and exceptional experience awaiting you; We assure you, should you wisely decide to visit us, the sojourn of a lifetime. Dehradun is easily accessible & reachable by air, rail & road. Once you are in our midst, we promise you the experience of all experiences, surrounded by the beauty & bounty of nature. The scenic, twisting metalled road will expose you to the wonders of valleys & river, teeming with exotic flora & fauna and deliver you to our heavenly hideaway. Granny's Den is a visual delight whether it be under rain swept monsoon skies, or the warm halcyon days of spring and summer, with the benign sun on your back, or the bracing chill of winter when nature bestows upon us that exceptional warmth that only nature can devise.

Village - Lavarkha, Patti - Saklana, near Das College, Tehsil, Dhanolti, Uttarakhand 249180 India

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Floor to ceiling windows, high ceilings, natural light and elegant modern artworks define our rooms and suites. For your comfort and convenience, we offer 24 hour services, cutting edge technology and sincere hospitality.

3 Bedroom Super Exclusive Villa

The 3 Bedroom Super Exclusive Villa at Granny's Den, Dehradun.

2 Bedroom Classic Villa

Experience a wonderful stay in the 2 Bedroom Classic Villa at Granny's Den, Dehradun

Suite Room

Experience a royal stay in the Suite room at Granny's Den, Dehradun

Super Deluxe Room

The Super Deluxe Room at Granny's Den, Dehradun

Relax. Replenish. Rejuvenate.

Take yourself out of the city without leaving it at The Granny, swimming pool and fitness centre in Dehradun.

Exploring Granny.

A Bollywood experience like no other. International brand shopping. History, wildlife, culture and much more await.

Surkanda Devi kaddukhal.

Surkanda Devi is a Hindu temple situated near Kanatal, Uttarakhand, India. It is at an altitude of about 2756 metres lies close to nearby hill stations of Dhanaulti (8 km) and Chamba (22 km)walking distance of approx 3 km from Kaddukhal, the place where vehicles are parked. It is surrounded by dense forests and affords a scenic view of the surrounding region including the Himalayas to the north, and certain cities to the south (e.g., Dehradun, Rishikesh) The Ganga Dusshera festival is celebrated every year between May and June and attracts a lot of people. This is a temple which is situated among the trees of rounslii. It is covered with fog most of the time of the year.

  • Distance from the hotel 8 km
  • Driving time40 minutes
Eco Park, Dhanaulti Overview

Spread over an area of 13 hectares covered in deodar and oak trees, Eco Park is one of the most visited attractions of Dhanaulti. It was developed by the DFO and the citizens of Dhanaulti to create employment opportunities for the poor people taken as a measure to reduce poverty. Located at the height of 7800 m above the sea level, this place has enjoyable weather throughout the year. The park is very well-maintained and is an amazing place for the kids to hang out with a separate playground for them. A tradition known as memory sapling plantation is followed in the park as a part of which one can plant a sapling in memory of their loved ones.

  • Distance from the hotel 8 km
  • Driving time40 minutes
Camping in Dhanlauti

Dhanaulti is a small town located 25 km away from Mussoorie. The misty mountain, deodar an oak trees, river in the valley, glaciers of Bandar Poonch and Gangotri adorn Dhanaulti. About the campsite Located at an altitude of 7500 feet from sea level, this campsite offers an amazing view of nature around. This campsite is away from the hustle bustle of the big hill stations like Mussoorie. The campsite offers a wide variety of rope adventure activities like Burma bridge,  Zipline, Parallel rope, Suspension bridge, valley crossing, and balance walk. You can indulge in some indoor activities like ludo, carrom, chess, cards. If you are a large group, then you can indulge in a musical chair, tambola, and tug of war. You can also go on a short trek to explore the exotic wildlife of Dhanaulti. No camping is complete without a bonfire in the night. All the authentic meals cooked by the local chef will be provided to you.

  • Distance from the hotel 8 km
  • Driving time40 minutes
Top Tibba Day Hike and Dhanaulti Visit.

As the second highest peak visible from Dehradun, Top Tibba (Tibba means Mountain in Garwhali) is a beautiful trek located on the east of Suakholi village near Mussoorie. On clear days this trek offers a view of the complete Himalayan panorama and on exceptionally clear days Nanda Devi, 242 km to the east may be viewed. The trek also offers beautiful views of Shivalik hills and Doon Valley on the other side. The Trek is best in early mornings before the sun gets too high up.

  • Distance from the hotel 8 km
  • Driving time40 minutes
Robber's Cave Dehradun Overview.

Robber's Cave, locally known as Gucchu Pani, is a river cave formed in the Himalayas, about 8 kilometres from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. This river cave is believed to be an abode of Lord Shiva and is very close to Sahasradhara or 'The Thousandfold Springs' in Uttarakhand. Its speciality is that river water flows out from the middle of the cave.The cave is a narrow gorge formed between a conglomerate limestone formation. It creates a feeling similar to being in a scene from a mystery movie - surrounded by dark limestone as streams gush in, echoing inside the cave. If not this, it definitely promises a sense of belongingness as Mother Nature slows you down, making you resonate with its mesmerising beauty. 

  • Distance from the hotel 8 km
  • Driving time40 minutes
Tehri Dam.

Reaching a staggering height of 260 meters, the imposing Tehri Dam is one of the tallest dams in the world and the tallest dam in India. An engineering marvel in itself, Tehri Dam not only provides more than 1,000 MW of hydroelectricity but also is a popular tourist attraction in Uttarakhand. The dam reservoir, also known as Tehri Lake, is usually flocked with tourists interested in boating and is slowly becoming a prominent hub for adventure tourism in Uttarakhand.

  • Distance from the hotel 8 km
  • Driving time40 minutes
Kempty Falls Mussoorie Overview .

Located on the way between Dehradun-Mussoorie roads, in the Ram Gaon area of Tehri Garhwal, Kempty Falls is one the most popular tourist attraction and picnic spot in Mussoorie. Surrounded by high mountain cliffs, Kempty Falls is nestled at an altitude of around 4500 ft above the sea level. The pond formed at the bottom of the falls makes an excellent spot for swimming and bathing.

  • Distance from the hotel 8 km
  • Driving time40 minutes
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